Some of the superior characteristics of our Battery Chargers are:

  • More effective charging with more energy being charged
  • Longer battery life: Right charging solution protects your auxiliary battery by regulating voltage and control current
  • All-automatic Continuous Operation: The charger may be connected continuously to the batteries, thus keeping the full charge
  • Unattended Charging: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, Short-circuit, incorrect behaviour and back discharge of the battery by electronically controlled gradual reduction down to complete separation of charger and battery
  • Integrated On-board Mains Suppression Filter: Unproblematic parallel operation on further charging sources (wind-driven, motor-driven, petrol-driven generators) at one battery
  • External temperature sensor: The ambient temperature will affect the parameters for charging the battery
  • Built in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging
  • Multistage charging algorithm for various battery chemistries including Lithium LiFePO4
  • Robust electronics
  • Compact design