Some of the characteristics of our BLDC motors are:

  • Brushless construction reduces frequent replacement requirements of brushes and maintenance costs
  • Better performance and efficiency compared to brushed DC motors
  • High level control over the speed and position of the motor
  • Lifespan is approximately 6 times higher than brushed DC motor
  • Absence of sparks – Fewer chances of burnout due to sparking issues
  • Small compact size with high torque to weight ratio
  • Low operating noise
  • Electronic commutation system resulting in more control and fewer failure
  • Low no-load current making it suitable to run at low or no load
  • Provide maximum torque continuously during rotation
  • Less magnet results in a very compact and small-sized brushless DC motor and very high torque rating
  • Speed feedback to monitor and control the speed and torque, resulting in accurate torque and speed control
  • Higher efficiency, low power consumption, and long battery life