Some of the superior characteristics of our Diesel Water & Air Heaters are:

  • Only one device combines heating and hot water, which takes less space
  • Power range choice 2000 and 4000W
  • Economical and energy-saving work and operation, with hybrid mode of fuel and city electricity
  • Through the four warm air channels, the warm air is sent to the best place for heating
  • The standard antifreeze safety drain valve can automatically drain when the temperature drops to 1-4ÂșC
  • Easy installation
  • Standard water inlet valve
  • Quiet and powerful electronically controlled blowers
  • Low noise
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly materials
  • Robust electronic controls
  • Compact design
  • Remotely mounted electric box for easy wiring, servicing and installation
  • Compatible for refitting previous installations from old manufacturers