Our pump series incorporate the newest technology. Are extremely compact and powerful but also quiet. Use efficient motor that can automatically self adapt without loss of power from 100 to 240Vac, and both 50 and 60Hz

We utilize brushless DC motors coupled with magnetic drive and non friction impellers, to maximize efficiency and durability


Seawater pump 250gph Seawater pump 650gph
Seawater pump 950gph Seawater pump 1250gph

Some of the superior characteristics of our pumps are:

  • Compact size – Easy to install in confined spaces
  • Powerful – Combination of water flow and pressure curve optimal for usage with water cooled air conditioning systems
  • High efficiency – Use of inverter technology allows superior performance
  • Quiet – Our pumps are rated under 40dB, some of the most quiet in the market
  • Travel the world – Self adaptative to different voltage and frequency without loss of power
  • Rust resistance – Compact and strong construction with plastic materials
  • Ignition protected – All electric parts are sealed with epoxy
  • Magnetic drive – Resistant to seawater corrosion and even to corrosive chemicals
  • Without seals – Increased safety against water leaks
  • IP68 completely waterproof design
  • Wide temperature range up to 60ºC
  • Longlife – Over 30,000hrs of life span
  • Standard water connections for easiness of installation
  • Suitable for continuous run
  • Can run dry
  • Maintenance free
  • CE certified for quality assurance