self contained marine air conditioner

Some of the superior characteristics of our water cooled Air Conditioners are:

  • Cool and Heat Mode in all machine range
  • Wide power range from 3500 to 16000BTU
  • High resistance CuNi condenser coil
  • Resistant Aluminum Anodized cooling evaporator
  • Rotatable blower
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless Steel drain pan
  • CNC precision tube weldings
  • Fitted with safety protections (voltage, temperature, pressure) for longer product life
  • Quiet and powerful electronically controlled blowers
  • High quality rotary compressors with low noise
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Robust electronic controls
  • Compact design
  • Remotely mounted electric box for easy wiring, servicing and installation
  • Compatible for refitting previous installations from old manufacturers